Central Committee

Vishal Singh

Co-Founder & President

He has immense theoretical, practical as well as technical exposure to the Agricultural Industry, Institution and Research. He holds B. Tech. degree in Agricultural Engineering from College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, OUAT, Orissa and an M. Tech. degree in Food Process Engineering from Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur. 

Vishal has worked as Production Engineer at Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd. Shahjahanpur, U.P and later also served as Assistant Professor, Head of Department of Agricultural Engineering and Dean (Extension) in the Centurion University Orissa. Through his experience and work, he has built a solid background in Food Process Technologies, design and construction of agricultural units like Dairy, Poultry, Pisciculture, Goatary, Green House, Extraction of Essential Oils from Plants, Sericulture etc and Organic Package and Practices for Organic and sustainable farming .

Santosh Kumar Singh

Co-Founder and Vice-President

Lucknow University Graduated, Expert in Food Quality Management and Value Chain, 8+ Years of work experience at Food and value chain sector.

Hemant Kumar Singh

Co-Founder and Secretary

M. Tech. (Geology & Geophysics Dept), Ph. D (Perusing), IIT Kharagpur Expert in Ground Water Recharge, 4+ years of work experience in Social Sector.

Ajay Kumar Swarnakar

Co-Founder and Treasurer