Plants distribution on World Environment Day

05 Jun, 2016

"General Awareness Competition on occasion of "UTKALA DIWAS" in P.U.P School, Paralakhemundi,Gajapati,Odisha

01 Apr, 2016

Exhibition stall of Natural/Organic fertilizers e.g. Panchagavya, ‪Vermicompost‬, ‪‎Vermi‬-wash, Neema‬ Mritam etc during conference, Gajapati, Odisha

29 Feb, 2016

Vastradaanam to deprived children, Paralakhemundi, Odisha

27 Jan, 2016

Training on "Neemamritam" (An organic insecticide for agricultural crops) preparation, Odisha

27 Nov, 2015

Farmer interaction and discussion regarding their problems in Bagusala village,Gajapati,Odisha

10 Nov, 2015

Drawing competition on occasion of Gandhi and Shashtri Jayanti

02 Oct, 2015

Drawing competition organized in Jagnnath Niketan, Orphan centre, Gajapati, Odisha on occassion of Gandhi and Shashtri Jayanti

Annadaanam Program in Orphan center, Gopali, Kharagpur, West-Bengal

24 Sep, 2015

Program on Independence Day, Soladahar Village, Odisha

15 Aug, 2015

Books and Study materials distribution Program in our Study center

03 Aug, 2015

School Bag and Dictionary Distribution, Jagannath Orphan Center, Gajapati, Odisha

13 Jul, 2015

Vermi-Compost Preparation Training under Organic Farming Chapter, Odisha

25 Jun, 2015

Annadanam Program in Orphan Center,Odisha

09 Apr, 2015

Annadaanam Program for Deprived students, Manava Seva Pratisthaan, Kharagpur, West-Bengal

21 Feb, 2015

Republic Day Celebration in our Study Center, Soladahar Village, Kharagpur, West-Bengal

26 Jan, 2015

Started a Study Center for deprived children in Soladahar Village, Kharagpur, West-Bengal

01 May, 2014

Republic Day Celebration in Primary School, Soladahar, Kharagpur, West-Bengal

26 Jan, 2014

Blanket Distribution Program for Poor, Lucknow, Uttar-Pradesh

28 Dec, 2013

Vastradaanam Program for Poor Peoples, Mlancha, West-Bengal

20 Jun, 2013

Village Cleaning Campaigning, Nangla-Chela Village, Etawah, Uttar-Preadesh

13 Jun, 2013